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Find affordable and cheap cars to rent in Zimbabwe. Drivesmart offers the best car rental services in Zimbabwe. Contact us and rent your car for only $50 a day.

Frequently Asked


How much is it to rent a car in Zimbabwe?

You can rent your car at only $50 a day. This is our starting price and you have choices from which you can choose and the prices vary with the size of the car.


Can i rent the car to go abroad?

Our car rental policies do not prevent you from going out of the country. But you pay additional fees for the car papers.


Do you have any theft protection?

Theft protection applies when the car you rented was stolen before you return it. Tou’re not charged there after but we let our  investigation partner look into it.


Do i pay for damages?

If you damage the car, a damage assessment is taken and a fee is calculated that is reasonable for the damage.

Our Lot is Open 24/7 +263 77 462 3600

+263 77 462 3600

Robert Gabriel Mugabe Airport (HRE), Harare, Zimbabwe